[xml/sgml-pkgs] Bug#485460: Bug#485460: Missing libexpat.la in package

Mike Hommey mh at glandium.org
Mon Jun 9 17:16:22 UTC 2008

On Mon, Jun 09, 2008 at 12:53:29PM -0400, Claudio Saavedra wrote:
> Package: libexpat1-dev
> Version: 2.0.1-3
> Severity: important
> While trying to build gtk+, libtool failed with this message:
>         creating libgtk-x11-2.0.la
>         /bin/sed: can't read /usr/lib/libexpat.la: No such file or
>         directory
>         libtool: link: `/usr/lib/libexpat.la' is not a valid libtool
>         archive
>         make[4]: *** [libgtk-x11-2.0.la] Error 1
> The libexpat.la file is missing:
>         claudio at dijkstra:~/svn/maemo/gtk+$ LANG= ls /usr/lib/libexpat.la
>         ls: cannot access /usr/lib/libexpat.la: No such file or
>         directory

Mmmm I'd say it would be better, in the long term, to have packages
including .la files requiring libexpat.la to be rebuilt, but with the
freeze being approaching, it might be better to, at least temporarily,
add a libexpat.la file.

RMs, what do you think?


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