[xml/sgml-pkgs] Bug#472860: man page NAME entry incomplete

jidanni at jidanni.org jidanni at jidanni.org
Wed Mar 26 20:48:04 UTC 2008

Package: libxml-parser-perl
Version: 2.36-1
Severity: minor

Three unknown subjects:
$ apropos xml|grep ::|grep -c unknown\ subject
$ apropos xml|grep ::
Pod::Perldoc::ToXml (3perl) - let Perldoc render Pod as XML
XML::Parser (3pm)    - A perl module for parsing XML documents
XML::Parser::Expat (3pm) - Lowlevel access to James Clark's expat XML parser
XML::Parser::Style::Debug (3pm) - Debug style for XML::Parser
XML::Parser::Style::Objects (3pm) - (unknown subject)
XML::Parser::Style::Stream (3pm) - Stream style for XML::Parser
XML::Parser::Style::Subs (3pm) - (unknown subject)
XML::Parser::Style::Tree (3pm) - (unknown subject)

Beside these, there is only one other on my system, that you perhaps can also fix...
$ apropos ::|grep -c unknown\ subject
$ apropos ::|grep unknown\ subject|head -1
Mail::Sendmail (3pm) - (unknown subject)

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