[xml/sgml-pkgs] Bug#482140: Reproducible and playing machine available

Daniel Leidert daniel.leidert at wgdd.de
Tue Oct 7 13:17:24 UTC 2008

Am Dienstag, den 07.10.2008, 09:53 +0200 schrieb Luca Capello:

> Some notes before starting:
> 1) IMHO this bug is Severity: important, it leaves GNOME in an not
>    usable state (see attached log)

It breaks the upgrade, not GNOME. It needs manual intervention. IMHO
seeverity > important is correct.

> I reproduced the error on three different installations: two plain etch
> on powerpc (where "plain" means "Dekstop + Standard tasks, no more") and
> another etch on i386 which I installed on May and then left there,
> without never upgrading.

All installations from an Etch installation media (CD/DVD)?

> One of the two powerpc installation is still in the error state,
> i.e. `apt-get dist-upgrade` produces an error.  I can put it online and
> accessible via SSH only if you need it, it's a playing machine (the same
> used for bug #501367 [1]), thus you can do whatever you want.

I would indeed like to take a look at it.

> IIRC [2]
> I still have the whole etch /etc folder, in case you want to analyze it.

Not sure, if it is necessary. Maybe it will help.

> I'm now installing etch on a QEMU image to check *again* if I can
> reproduce this bug: the advantage of QEMU is that you've the -snapshot
> option, thus you can test it whatever times you need.  I'll report back
> as soon as the installation has finished.

Thanks. Please tell, if you can reproduce it with QEMU.

Regards, Daniel

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