[xml/sgml-pkgs] Winning Clearance/WHO1000909.

Secretary Mrs. Anna Kingston World Health Organization. ssmp at helvetas.org.np
Tue Apr 21 22:31:43 UTC 2009

World Health Organization® 
26, Tamale Street, Zone 3 Wuse
Abuja, 23409 Nig.
West Africa (Chapter)
Dr. B. Sadasivan, Chairman
WHO Clearance Number: WHO1000909
FBI Clearance Number: FBI9001801
Attorney General's Clearance NO.:ATG64793

  A certified parcel with content a cheque of £6.5, million GB Pounds 
equivalent to $12,889,000 US Dollars),left the World Health 
Organization® West African head Quarters Abuja, on 21st April 2009, for 
your address, it is important we know if you receive this parcel, so as 
to know when to invite you for the award Dinner night on the 9th june, 
2009 where you will be given the honorary award as UN (United Nations) 
Health Ambassador. We acknowledge the fact that you are a very 
responsible PERSONEL and believes you will utilize these funds for its 
main purpose, helping the less privileged. We understand the gravity of 
your work and how it takes most of your time; we hope you will create 
just little time to handle this project properly, at least 58% of the 
said funds must be used for the less privileged. Please, Re-confirm the 
information's below.

1. Full Names:   
2. Full Address:
3. Age: 
4. Sex:
5. Marital Status:
6. Occupation: 
7. Office/Position:
8. Country/Zip Code:
9. Phone Numbers:
10.Email Address:        

  Reply this mail at ONCE with the details above for re-confirmation. 
We hope and will believe you will not miss use this little opportunity. 
You have been chosen on the plight of your hard work and good records. 
We know and accept the fact that you are reliable enough to handle this 
project. You will have to put in your quota to see that the project is 
well organized and funds well utilized. Helping the less privileged is 
one of our duties in life, as the saying goes "all finger are not 
equal" We truly understand if you do not get back to us, due to what 
Fraud stars (419) has turn the internet to, but we like you to have a 
re-think. This golden opportunity of being one of the UN ambassador's 
on Earth might not come to you again or your family again for another 
generation to come. Think of the less privileged. These will not 
distract from doing anything it is guaranteed 99.9% risk free. Thanks 
for your understanding and God bless you.

  “In every 1 minute a child dies in Africa for Malaria. In every 35 
minutes Cholera strikes in Zimbabwe. In Malawi, Hundreds die of hunger 
on daily basics. Many more, so how can you help these people? What can 
you give to these people? Do you think what you have is too small? 
Nothing is too small these people needs help real help. What ever you 
give to this people you give to God? ". For any donations please 

Regional Manager:Savan Seman.
Email: who.insuranceworldwide at yahoo.com.hk
Phone: +234-705-846-8420

Mrs. Anna Kingston,
World Health Organization®
West Africa (Chapter)

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