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*Modernizing Your CRM or ERP*


The diagram on the left below shows the business automation via connections
of fragmented systems.  8thManage is a modern management platform that
organizes functionality into a "One Design One System". The key is not one
single system or a few systems to perform the automation, but consistency of
application throughout all.  Technically, the "One Design One system"
approach doesn't have the (a) information latency and loss and (b)
inefficiency problems because of inconsistent application and data models.  The
obvious benefits of "One Design One System" are: 1) speed of implementation;
2) ease and efficiency of operation; and 3) lower cost of ownership.

*Performance *(Finance, Project, Product, People)

The greatest benefit to "One Design One System" is the increase of
participants' effectiveness and performance. Very few people have
experienced "One Design One System" since the current state-of-the-practice
still involves fragmented systems. But the people who have experienced the
"One Design One System" know that this new system helps to manage
performance in the appropriate business context. People don't need to see
the details of the things that they don't need to know, but they do need to
see the cause-and-effect relationship of their work.

 For additional information, please visit *www.wisagetech.com* or email *
sales at wisagetech.com* .
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