[xml/sgml-pkgs] Bug#521994: Bug#521924: wx2.6-headers: Cause compiler errors with glibc 2.9

Daniel Schepler schepler at math.berkeley.edu
Tue Mar 31 04:19:14 UTC 2009

On Monday 30 March 2009 19:33:22 Ron wrote:
> retitle 521924 ATTRIBUTE_PRINTF symbol collision
> clone 521924 -1 -2
> reassign -1 libxml2
> reassign -2 wx2.8-headers
> thanks
> Hi Daniel,
> What makes you think this is a problem with glibc 2.9?
> AFAICS right now this is most likely caused by something your code has
> included before the wx headers, which already defined ATTRIBUTE_PRINTF.
> See wx/defs.h around line 483 for why that would Go Badly.
> So far as I can see the code there appears to have been gratuitously copied
> from X11/Xfuncproto.h, with the only modification being to stupidly rip off
> the leading namespacing from the macro name (or maybe from gcc internals
> where it appears to be a private symbol).  Grepping my system doesn't find
> any other header which defines ATTRIBUTE_PRINTF, so please have a look
> through the code you are compiling (and perhaps its deps) to figure out who
> is actually defining this.

Sorry, it looks like you're right.  I had just done a quick grep -r 
ATTRIBUTE_PRINTF_1 /usr/include and found it in /usr/include/ansidecl.h, which 
sounded to me like an internal glibc header; and the error had started 
appearing in multiple packages about the time of the glibc 2.9 upload.  But it 
turns out ansidecl.h is actually from binutils-dev...

(And by the way, none of the affected packages are mine.  I just found these 
problems doing a rebuild of all packages using pbuilder.)
Daniel Schepler

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