BRITISH HIGH COURT OF UNITED-KINGDOM shellukiotterydept at bellsouth.net
Wed Feb 24 00:21:54 UTC 2010

We are glad to bring to your notice that you have been selected for a compensation payment value £2,000,000.00 Great Sterling Pounds from the office of the British Prime Minister respected Queen Elizabeth, as your email address was found among the list of foreigner’s that the internet criminal’s have scammed & fraud Thousands of Great British Pounds base on fake internet lottery and other illegal internet transaction. We wish to announce & congratulate you that the British Prime Minister has legally declared a Certified Demand Bank Draft in regards of your compensation payment as one of the GREAT SCAM VICTIM of fake lottery.
The reason why you are receiving this compensation payment is base on the fraudulent activities that has been rampaged all over United Kingdom and other Great Counties, and our British Prime Minister is not really happy for the bad news that great citizen’s has been scammed a lot of money by the internet fraud stars. We are much happy that our British Prime Minister respected Queen Elizabeth has finally looked into the fraudulent case as a Good Prime Minister of (Great Britain) and she have involved all British Bar Association in regards of putting stop to all fraudulent activities to regain our dignities as Great Colonization Master of Great Britain.
The British Prime Minister respected Queen Elizabeth have signed an agreement with the Federal Bureau Investigation (FBI) during the first meeting this month with our PRESIDENT Commander In-Chief of the Arms-Forces Great Britain, and together with the Metropolitan Police (British POLICE and ICPC, so that this scam activities can be eradicated in tour great country. Once again, we want to bring to your notice that you are going to receive your compensation payment in mode of Inter Certified Demand Bank Draft which is cashable in any bank worldwide. You have nothing to be scare of as you can see that you are receiving this message from the office of the Chief Judge Federation (Great Britain). So I huge you to abide on the instruction stated on this email and I am assuring you 100% not to panic, and whatever you are ask to do by your new assigned advocate named Barr Benson Gale is the instruction given to him under the section 107A of the 1999 British
 constitution law (SAY NO TO INTERNET FRAUD).
With all due respect, you are advice to contact your new assigned Advocate Benson Gale by re-sending your below complete personal information to him as the rightful beneficiary of the Inter Certified Demand Bank Draft.
Your Full Name:
Your Country: 
Your Complete Home Address: 
Your Direct Mobile Number:
Your Sex:
Your Occupation:
Your Age:
Note: Advocate Benson Gale who is assigned of your compensation payment transaction is working under the instruction of section 107A of the 1999 British constitution of law. Here is the secret code which you will (GB/FHC/09334/) indicate to Advocate Benson Gale as prove that you are one of the GREAT SCAM VICTIM beneficiary, and you are advise to keep the secret code for security purposes.
Meanwhile, bear it in mind that all the GREAT SCAM VICTIM beneficiary that is compensated with each Inter Certified Demand Bank Draft will be responsible for the shipping fee of shipping the bank draft to his/her door step. Also, note that the shipping fee can not be deducted from your bank draft, because there is a bond holding draft which is according to the section 408XII of the 1999 British constitution law which stated that only the sole beneficiary of the said fund is permitted to withdraw from his/her Bank draft after it has been deposited into a Bank Account.
Therefore, you are advised to go ahead and contact your new assigned Advocate Benson Gale who is in-charge of delivery your bank draft fund and don't be deceived by anybody or even Advocate Benson Gale, because the shipping fee will only cost you the sum of (£85 Great Sterling Pounds) 
Below is Advocate Benson Gale personal contact information, so kindly contact him immediately you receive this letter with your above complete personal details including on how you can transfer the shipping fee (£85 Great Sterling Pounds), as to enable him proceed action in shipping your compensation bank draft to your door step.
Advocate Full Name: Barrister Benson Gale
Contact Tel Number: +447010995753
Contact E-mail: consultgale_bensonchambers at yahoo.co.uk 
Finally, we are thanking you for given your time to read this Good News email which is sent to you from the Office of Chief Judge of Federation, and please note once again that you are only required to pay just the shipping fee £85 Pounds for shipping your bank draft to your door step via 48 working hours.
God Bless You And Your Family
God Bless Your Country
God Bless Great Britain 
Thank you.
Hon. Justice Mr. Johnny Robert
Chief Justice of Great Britain.
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