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Mrs. Elham Toosi Jafari misiag at aster.pl
Tue Mar 16 18:27:17 UTC 2010


My name is Mrs. Elhma Tossi Jafari, my husband died few years ago and ever since then due to the love we share before his death i refuse to remarry. As i go about doing by business i was not taking any rest and i focused, now i am very rich but as i rwrite to you now i am struck with a deadly disease called Cancer on my brain and it has become so though that i can see and i cant work, now i am in the hospital undergoing different surgeries but all to know avail,

I have spent almost all that i have but i still have a little amount of money that i deposited with a bank called the Citibank in United Kingdom where i use to reside, i will like you to help me get this funds transferred into your account and use 60% to help people in need in your region and environs and also the less priviledged people and the orphans and widows.

This is because i dont have a child of my own and i and my late dear husband we are Orphans and have no family member, now that he is dead and my Doctors says that i am not going to live longer than two months i will like you to help me with this task, and i will give you 30% out of the money and you will send my hospital 10% to settle for my bills.

The Amount is 40mGBP (Forty Million Great Britain Pounds)
If you are ready to help me and you think you can ghandle this please provide this details below.

1) Full Names As It Appears At Your Back Of Your Passport
2) Home/Office Address
3) Occupation
4) Country
5) Province/City
6) Age/Sex                       
7) Country                        
8) State/Province              
9) Marital status               
10) International Passport Or Driver's Licensed Attached

Remember the amount is 45.5mGBP only. (Forty Five Million Five Hundred Great Britain Pounds Only)

I will be waiting to hear from you, i will want you to act faster because according to my doctor he says that i have lesser time to live here on earth so i will really like you to be fast if you want to help me and i believe that Allah will bless you and help you too in your own direction of live.

Waiting to hear from you.
My Best regards
Mrs. Elham Toosi Jafari

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