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To Rector of the University, 
Institute director, 
Academic secretary,
Postgraduate study and doctorate department,
Scientists, professors,
postgraduate students
Dear colleagues!
This message is to inform You about the preparation and organization of The Tenth International Scientific-Practical Conference “Research, Development and Application of High Technologies In Industry”, which will take place on the 9-11th of December 2010 in Saint-Petersburg. 
More information about this and other conferences you can see on the following web-sites: htfr.org . Here You may also find other useful and interesting information, take part in open and independent Internet-voting for the best Higher Education Institutions of Russia (universities) – “Russian Higher Education Institutions Rating 2010”, find out more about the results of previous voting.  
We invite you and colleagues from your Institute (University) take part in these conferences, also as Organizing Committees members. 
Applications and letters concerning all questions:  spbtpd at mail.ru & info at htfr.org. 
Yours respectfully, Co-chairman and chief executive of The Conference Organization Committee,
vice-director of Institute of Atmospheric Optics, 
Siberian Branch of Russian Academy of Sciences,     Kudinov A.P.  
(Scientific-technical, economical, juridical, political science, social and international aspects)
9-11th of December, 2010, Saint-Petersburg, Russia
e-mail: info at htfr.org, www.htfr.org
Informational Message
Dear colleagues!
We inform you that THE TENTH INTERNATIONAL SCIENTIFIC - PRACTICAL CONFERENCE "RESEARCH, DEVELOPMENT AND APPLICATION OF HIGH TECHNOLOGIES IN INDUSTRY" will be held in 9-11th of December, 2010 in St. Petersburg, Russia, by the Institute of Atmospheric Optics of the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences (RAS), Russian State Hydrometeorological University, Saint-Petersburg State University of Waterways Communications, Russian Fund for Basic Research, Tomsk Polytechnic University, Thin Technologies (Co. Ltd), Pavlov Institute of Physiology Russian Academy of Sciences, Academy of strategic research, information and  high technologies, the National Congress of Young People and other institutes, universities and the organizations. 
At the plenary and section sessions of the Conference the following topics will be considered: 
1.The role of federal and regional authorities, state and private industrial sectors, mass media in the development of the education, basic and applied researches (hereinafter, BAR) and high technologies (hereinafter, HT) in Russia, USA, CIS and EU countries and other developed countries. The comparative analysis, search of optimal mechanisms of interaction and management. 
2.The state of the art and prospects of application of HТ results of basic and applied researches in various fields of science, education and industry (in particular, in military fields). Russia, the countries of CIS and EU, USA, China, India and other countries of the world: 
2.1. Information and computer technologies (ICT), computer modelling, robotics, radio electronics, scientific instrument making, telecommunication systems, applied mathematics, direct and return problems, programming, cryptography and information protection databases; 
2.2. Thin clients and terminal servers and their role in development of modern computer technologies;
2.3. Nanotechnologies, nanoelectronics, nanobiology, nanomedicine, nanometrology and nanoindustry;
2.4. Theoretical and applied physics, spectroscopy, atomic and nuclear physics, astronomy, radio physics, chemistry, physical chemistry, gas dynamics and hydrodynamics;  
2.5. Physics and techniques of electrical discharges, optical, spectral, laser and plasma technologies, electronics, including big powers, nondestructive testing;
2.6. Atomic and nuclear technologies, aircraft, rocket design and astronautics; 
2.7. Powder metallurgy, materials technology, composition materials and strengthening technologies; 
2.8. Biotechnology, medicine, genetics, cytology, agriculture; 
2.9. Global and regional climatology and ecology. Research of processes, diagnostics, the analysis of development processes, development of methods of climate and ecology control; 
2.10. Extraction, processing and transportation of raw material, energetics, welding, construction, metallurgy, chemical and heavy industry, mechanical engineering, shipbuilding, transport, consumer production; 
2.11. Standardization and automation of control systems of business, science, industry, regions and the state. The theory of steady development, computer simulation; 
2.12. The international standardization of education, BAR, HT, and HT production. Problems, the analysis, forecasts; 
3. Problems and ways of solution of economic efficiency and competitiveness in the world education market, BAR and HT in Russia and the CIS countries. Experience of the Eurounion, USA, China, India and other countries. Analytics, the comparative analysis. 
4. The education, basic and applied researches, high technologies and highly technological industry, as factors of quality of life of citizens and protection of human rights. 
5. Financial-politological, legislative - legal, social and international aspects of the development of higher secondary technical education, BAR, HТ and HТ industry. Computer simulation. 
6.  Intensification of works in the field of BAR, HТ, development HТ industry and preparation of highly skilled experts, as a basis for the solution of the problem of doubling of gross national product. Problems of youth in science and HТ industry. 
7. Basic and applied researches, high technologies and the highly technological industry of double purpose of 21st century. Computer simulation. 
8. Historiography and dialectics of the development of education, basic and applied researches, high technologies and the highly developed industry. 
Such an expanded approach to the subjects of the Conference and the complex scientific analysis, as the experience of the first ninth Conferences has shown, make it possible to evaluate the state of the art, to develop and realize the optimal solutions and way of the development of education, BAR, HТ and the highly developed industry. It is also confirmed by the long-term work of the best Russian and foreign Universities, Institutes, Academies of Sciences and the largest corporations of the world. 
At the Conference the Trade Exhibition of Achievements in Education, Basic and Applied Researches and High Technologies in the Industry will be organized with participation of potential customers and investors, in particular, from foreign countries with an opportunity of concluding the contracts. We invite you and your colleagues to participate in the Trade Exhibition and to present materials about your achievements on the subjects of the Conference. The advertising information can be published in the Conference Proceedings and on the conference site: htfi.ru, htfi.org.
We propose you and scientific workers of your University, Institute to take an active part in the Conference and in the work of Organizing Committee. 
By results of the previous ninth conferences 21 volumes of conference composite books were published.
The number of papers is not limited. 
The official conference language – Russian, for foreign participants the English translation is provided. Participation in conference can be made both in presence and in absence, provided with publishing of works in the conference Composite book. 
The deadline for sending applications for participation at conference: 25.10.2010. 
The works should be sent before 05.11.2010 – works sent before this date will be published before the conference will start working. 
Your application should contain the following information: 
1. First name and last name of authors; 
2. Title and length of paper abstracts; 
3. Affiliation (if materials are presented by the institution); 
4. First name and last name of a speaker; 
5. Mailing address, fax and e-mail. 
More detailed information on conditions of participation in the International Conference will be sent after reception of the application. 
Please send your Application and proposals on the Conference subjects to the following addresses:
In Tomsk: 634055, Tomsk, Russia, Institute of Atmospheric Optics SB RAS, 1 Akademichesky Ave.
Phone in Tomsk: +7(3822)-492-738.
In St. Petersburg: North-West Representative Office of IAO SB RAS
Phone in St. Petersburg:  t/fax: +7(812)-574-3017 , tel.: +7(812)-332-9178, tel. for English and German: +7(921)-877-3624
Post address: P/O box 01, St. Petersburg, 195298 Russia.
E-mail: spbtpd at mail.ru & info at htfr.org
Co-chairman and chief executive of The Conference Organization Committee,
vice-director of Institute of Atmospheric Optics, Siberian Branch of RAS,     Kudinov A.P.    
P.S. We would be very thankful if You approved the letter receipt!
If You are not interested in receiving such information anymore, please, resend us the answer with the word “refusal” to conf at htfi.ru

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