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Darren susanne.neumann at fh-kiel.de
Sat Sep 25 16:47:41 UTC 2010

Although this approach appears to be very difficult but I think it’s the best and safe means in presenting my proposal which could benefit both of us and the fact you are a foreigner it will help a lot in the legal process and if not interested at this point then both identity can be left unknown.
I am Darren Ivanovic a British citizen by birth but have lived all my life in Russia since I was 10 years old. I am 55 years now. I was a financial investment legal attorney to brokerage firm here in the United Kingdom, which went liquidated this year due to the recession/world crisis I went on to open my private practice as a financial lawyer before our brokerage firm was liquidated we made series of investment for different companies in the United Kingdom.

In 2004 we made a large investment for an Icelandic investment company, which I would not disclose the name of this company at this stage, on your acceptance to be a partner with me on this I will give you with all the information about this company. We made an investment worth Ј7,500,000 (Seven Million Five hundred thousand Pounds) on a 5years fixed bond rate, which has matured to Ј8,000,000 (Eight Million Pounds only).
I was contacted at the first of this month by the financial Institution were the funds are currently located that the total sum of Ј8,000,000 (Eight Million Pounds only) is ready on maturity and if the funds are not claimed it will be confiscated and it will go into the British Government recovery recession plan.
Since February 2009 Icelandic investment company has gone into administration (Bankruptcy) there is no way they can claim this funds and as I was the financial investment lawyer to our brokerage firm all information’s were sent to me only. This is an opportunity, which I think both of us can benefit from. The brokerage firm which i worked for and the Icelandic investment company has gone into administration (Bankruptcy) by United Kingdom Laws it will take 10years for the Icelandic investment company to get their company name out of the bankruptcy blacklist and able to trade in the united kingdom but I honesty can see them coming back because all the board of director has been probed for extortion of 
the company.
Your Role:
I stated in my previous sentence above This is an opportunity, which I think we both of us can benefit from’ you as a foreigner, and I as the legal Practitioner to all of these funds I can make a file in the high Court of Probate. stating the above amount should be paid to you as sub-contractor to the Icelandic investment company which you offered a service but was unpaid I will support that and back it up since it shows the Icelandic investment company made lots of 
foreign business internationally my responsibility is to make this transaction 100% legally and safe for both parties involved which includes you and I. Think about this and let me know if you are interested and I will furnish you more on the process and proceedings to go about this venture.

I await your response 
thank you.
Yours truly,

Darren Ivanovic

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