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Mr.Mark Morris releaseboard at live.com
Mon Aug 15 09:49:46 UTC 2011


I am Mr.Mark Morris presently working with the Financial Service Authorities
United Kingdom(FSA).

I have urgent information which you might find very useful.

Following investigations carried out by my office,I have discovered that
there are some long overdue payment presently here in the United Kingdom yet
to be claimed.

These funds have been processed in your name and should be released to you
ASAP as directed by financial instruments but we are realizing that the
earlier documents validating this sum was re written or altered.

Furthermore, we received an email from one Paul Miller who told us that he is
your next of kin and that you died in a car accident couple of months ago.

To enable me confirm the status of the information I have for you, I need you
to confirm the account information below, as this is the destination we have
for the funds processed in your name and the transfer should be effected by
Wed 31 August 2011 13:00 Hrs.

Bank Details:

Credit Union Australia
545 Kent Street
New South Wales 2000
Phone: 133 282
International +61 7 3295 9400
Website: http://www.cua.com.au
Account Name: Paul Miller
Account:804 - 050 - 30820226
Swift Access Code:CUSCAU2SXXX

We want to hear from you before we can make the transfer to confirm if you
are dead or not.And to also know if you authorize the transfer of your funds
to the account mentioned above.

When I hear from you, then I can put my investigations together and make
conclusions but from what I have here it seems as though your financial
entitlements in the United Kingdom is being redirected for personal interest
by illegal means and you will aid us by giving me a brief on your dealings
when previously trying to process release of your funds.

Kindly get back to me on my e-mail address:  epost231 at rocketmail.com

And please keep this confidential to enable me work effectively in your
favor, when I hear from you, I will prove my personality to you so as to
satisfy your worries and to be at liberty to furnish me required information.

Mr.Mark Morris

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