[xml/sgml-pkgs] You and I (Confidential)

Dr. Mettie Edmond admin at MyZaraza.net
Tue Feb 8 05:24:19 UTC 2011


I am Mettie Edmond of Bedsam Consult & Associates Ltd (Google my company) a business service firm in Ghana, I have a business proposal concerning some funds amounting to ten million United states dollars belonging to a refugee here in Ghana, the funds were lodged into the Amalgamated Bank of Ghana in an escrow bonded account by my client's late father who was an oil merchant before his untimely death.

The funds are genuine and have no links with criminal activities because it was generated by legitimate means, there is much to gain from the transaction because my client is ready to give 30% of the total funds for your assistance in completing the transfer of the funds on transit to your account . I have all the bank documents backing the funds and document showing that my client is true owner of the funds inhertited from late father. I have been to the bank to verify the existence of the funds and the bank have confirmed its existence to me, I can send to you bank contact details so that you can contact the bank to verify for yourself. I will show to you the documents, a copy of my international identification and give you more details about this transaction when I get your response.

Yours truly, 
Mettie Edmond 

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