[xml/sgml-pkgs] Bug#643026: Bug #643026 please add multi-arch support for libxml2

Aron Xu happyaron.xu at gmail.com
Thu Apr 12 02:11:45 UTC 2012

tags 643026 - patch

I'm removing the tag of patch, because the patch has some problems so
it can't be applied.

1.This patch changes usr/bin/xml2-config at build time, but mark
libxml2-dev as "M-A: same", which is wrong. "M-A: same" requires
either path names with tripplet, or byte-to-byte identical across all

2.This patch also modifies the build flag of python-libxml2, which
isn't mentioned (I'm not tested if this part works), see #664107.

3.".la file" aren't removed (but emptied) in the same patch, but I see
no reason to keep it anymore.

Aron Xu

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