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  to main/libx/libxml2/libxml2-doc_2.7.8.dfsg-9_all.deb
(new) libxml2-utils-dbg_2.7.8.dfsg-9_amd64.deb extra debug
XML utilities (debug extension)
 XML is a metalanguage to let you design your own markup language.
 A regular markup language defines a way to describe information in
 a certain class of documents (eg HTML). XML lets you define your
 own customized markup languages for many classes of document. It
 can do this because it's written in SGML, the international standard
 metalanguage for markup languages.
 This package provides the debugging symbols for the utilities provided
 by the libxml2-utils package.
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libxml2 (2.7.8.dfsg-9) unstable; urgency=low
  * Multi-Arch ready. (Closes: #643026)
    - M-A:same packages are libxml2, libxml2-dev and libxml2-dbg.
    - M-A:foreign package is libxml2-utils, others are not M-A.
    - Library files in udeb are still placed under usr/lib directly.
  * New binary: libxml2-utils-dbg.
    Move debuggings symbols of libxml2-utils binaries to another package
    in favor of marking libxml2-dbg as M-A: same. Descriptions of related
    binary packages are slightly modified.
  * Enable hardening for Python modules. (Closes: #664107)
  * Add support for build-arch and build target, essentially make the
    package not FTBFS anymore. (Closes: #668672)
  * Use dh compat 9. Not hardcoding libdir in debian/rules.
  * Port to source format 3.0 to ease future maintenance of patches.
    - Old patches are stored in 01_historical_changes.patch
    - Do not patch Makefile.in directly, use dh_autoreconf with patches to
      configure.in and Makefile.am instead. This will not actually make
      bootstraping a new architecture more difficult since we already have
      gettext and autoconf in deep B-D, porters need to break it anyway.
    - Store doc/examples/index.html in patch to avoid ciculate B-D with
      xsltproc, we should not B-D on it.
  * debian/*.dirs: removed, useless.

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libxml2-dbg_2.7.8.dfsg-9_amd64.deb - extra debug
libxml2-dev_2.7.8.dfsg-9_amd64.deb - optional libdevel
libxml2-doc_2.7.8.dfsg-9_all.deb - optional doc
libxml2-utils_2.7.8.dfsg-9_amd64.deb - optional text
libxml2_2.7.8.dfsg-9.dsc - source libs
libxml2_2.7.8.dfsg-9_amd64.deb - standard libs
python-libxml2-dbg_2.7.8.dfsg-9_amd64.deb - extra debug
python-libxml2_2.7.8.dfsg-9_amd64.deb - optional python

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