[xml/sgml-pkgs] ShareCrypt 5.0 and Facebook raffle released

SecurStar sharecrypt5 at securstar.com
Tue Jun 12 15:20:35 UTC 2012

Dear Customer, 

On large request we are happy to announce the release of ShareCrypt 5.0
ShareCrypt 5.0 has been fully re-designed and it is the only tool on the
market that allows you to encrypt local disk, network shared folders, and
file syncing cloud services.  

It provides multi user based access rights to folders and their content
using AES 256 with SHA 256 and RSA 2048 Bit. Storing files in cloud sync or
backup services can leave data vulnerable to access from unauthorized
people. Data may be subject to rogue staff, court orders or law enforcement
requests. Common services such as Dropbox, Google Drive and Microsoft
SkyDrive do not provide data security from these issues; in some cases data
may be encrypted in transit or at rest, but using cryptographic keys in
possession of the service. With ShareCrypt you have full control of your
sensitive data ensuring that only you can access your data and locking out
any unauthorized party (including hosting company). ShareCrypt enables you
to partition data and restrict access; Finance dept can prevent IT dept
from accessing their files, HR can prevent Finance from accessing employee
data, yet IT can ensure data is backed up and verified. Even with these
precautions, specific users may be granted access to some or all areas. How
to purchase ShareCrypt: Only during this release month (June 2012) we will
offer ShareCrypt 5.0 for a promotional price of only 89 Euro/ license or
399 Euros for 5 licenses.  Starting next month the price will be

Please purchase here:  
For 1 license (89 Euro) : 

For 5 lincenses (399 Euros):      

All current customers who own support service for previous ShareCrypt
versions can upgrade to this version at a reduced price of only 19,95 Euro
(offer valid until the 30 of June 2012). If you have valid ShareCrypt
support rights, please contact us by Email sharecrypt5 at securstar.com to get
the discount coupon. 

SecurStar Free Facebook raffle:  Don’t miss this! SecurStar just started
its Facebook presence; therefore we are offering a free raffle where you can
win up to 5000 Euro in cool prizes. Every participant gets one point with
its participation and an extra point for every new friend he successfully
invites into the game.    

With only one point you may already win an iPhone with PhoneCrypt on it.  

With 10-49 points you may win the iPhone with PhoneCrypt and also a
notebook with DCPP on it.    
With 50 or more points you may win a trip to Paris as well as the iPhone,
the notebook, PhoneCrypt and DCPP.  

To participate, just register here:  

Note:  Inviting your friends will dramatically increase your winning
chances and qualify you to win more prizes.  

Best regards 

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