[xml/sgml-pkgs] Bug#662091: sends SGML parsers to an sgml.dcl that isn't there

Samuel Bronson naesten at gmail.com
Sun Mar 4 21:42:46 UTC 2012

Neil Roeth <neil at debian.org> writes:
> Sorry, my mistake on sgml-data.

No problem.

> So far, I am unable to reproduce this.  The same command works fine on 
> my system, and if I use strace to verify which files it is opening, 
> sgml.dcl is not among them.  nsgmls and onsgmls effectively have a 
> builtin SGML declaration, so it doesn't surprise me that it succeeds 
> without an external one.  The question is, why does executing the 
> command on your system require that external file?  Can you run the 
> command under strace and post the output?  I.e.,
> $ strace -f -e open nsgmls -s /usr/share/doc/sp/index.htm

Hmm, I wasn't sure how helpful that would be, since it would abbreviate
the stuff read from the catalog files and stuff, so I was looking to see
if there was a tool that could read in everything referenced by
/etc/sgml/catalog and spit it back out as one catalog ... well, I didn't
find that, but I did find this:

,----[ ospcat -s XXX ]
| <OSFILE SOIBASE='/usr/share/sgml/xhtml/sgml.soc'>sgml.dcl

,----[ dlocate /usr/share/sgml/xhtml/sgml.soc ]
| w3c-sgml-lib: /usr/share/sgml/xhtml/sgml.soc

So, w3c-sgml-lib is making it look for an sgml.dcl at:


when it's really at:


*Both* of which are really strange locations for this: the default SGML
declaration has very little to do with XHTML either way...

It seems to me that both this sgml.soc and sgml.dcl would probably make more
sense somewhere within a directory named something like:


(Anyway, since it seems to be a problem in that package, I've reassigned
it accordingly, and closed the clone of this bug for opensp.)

> Regarding version control, Jade upstream has been dead for years and 
> OpenJade development is also basically dormant.  I haven't bothered 
> putting my Debian changes out anywhere public since nothing much has 
> been changing.

Yes, Jade and OpenJade may not change much, but Debian policy & best
practices do ;-).

(Also, links in the documentation seem to break.)

> Thanks.

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