[xml/sgml-pkgs] TrueCrypt, PGP, Bitlocker etc. hacked

SecurStar jorge at securstar.us
Tue Apr 16 13:48:40 UTC 2013

Dear Customer,

Recently, a lot of noise has been made in the media about hackers and
private companies who have developed "tools” to quickly break into
TrueCrypt, PGP, Bitlocker, and hardware encrypted computers. 

Some of those "tools” are:

* Evil Maid                            
-              (Publicly available)

* Passware will mit Passware Kit Forensic 9.7      
-              (Publicly available)

* Elcomsoft
-              (Publicly available)

* NSA-Best-Friend    
-              (For government use only)

Customers have asked us if these and other hacks are possible with our
products DriveCrypt and DriveCrypt Plus Pack. We are proud to say that
since DriveCrypt was first released, there have been no successful
hacks of DriveCrypt encrypted systems whatsoever!

At SecurStar we have a hacker division that tries to attack our
software and researches theoretical weaknesses everyday so we can
improve new releases and further protect existing users.  We therefore
strongly recommend that you always keep your encryption software up to
date with the latest version.  The latest versions will detect and
defend against those attacks listed above and many others.

**Case Study: Evil Maid attack.  **A very nasty little hack is the
Evil Maid attack.  It gets its name from the example of an evil maid
hacking into your computer that was left in your hotel room.  She
leaves a hack on your computer which memorizes your keystrokes and the
next time she comes to clean she lifts the hack from your computer and
has access to all your passwords. 

To completely protect you against this hack, an added level of
protection we offer is to use the recovery USB stick created upon
encryption with DriveCrypt Plus Pack.  After removing Bootauth from
the disk and using the recovery USB stick to boot the system, you are
protected from this type of attack.  This is because the decryption
keys are loaded from the USB stick and you don't only rely on your
passwords.  Our protection keeps the Evil Maids and others, away.

We offer a 15% discount if you purchase our software or upgrade before
the 30 of April 2013 Please enter the following discount coupon during
the order process:     DISC15APR13

Use DriveCrypt products and stay safe rather than sorry!

* If you wish to purchase DriveCrypt or DriveCrypt Plus Pack you can do
so here (http://securstar.com/mailsender/lt.php?c=76&m=64&nl=14&s=4a5f29e34d15d4f1efff5d12f67ed917&lid=341&l=-http--www.securstar.com/purchase.php)

* If you wish to upgrade your current version, please login to the
customer area (http://securstar.com/mailsender/lt.php?c=76&m=64&nl=14&s=4a5f29e34d15d4f1efff5d12f67ed917&lid=342&l=-http--www.securstar.com/welcome.php) on our homepage
and from there go to the shopping cart.

If you would like some help upgrading you solution, please don't
hesitate to contact us (mailto:info at securstar.com).  
We're happy to help!

Best regards,

Your SecurStar Team
http://securstar.com/mailsender/lt.php?c=76&m=64&nl=14&s=4a5f29e34d15d4f1efff5d12f67ed917&lid=345&l=-http--www.securstar.com (http://securstar.com/mailsender/lt.php?c=76&m=64&nl=14&s=4a5f29e34d15d4f1efff5d12f67ed917&lid=345&l=-http--www.securstar.com)

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