[xml/sgml-pkgs] Bug#698955: xsltproc: symbol xsltMaxVars, version LIBXML2_1.0.24 not defined in file libxslt.so.1 reference

Vincent Danjean vdanjean.ml at free.fr
Tue Apr 16 21:40:10 UTC 2013

Le 16/04/2013 23:24, Aish a écrit :
> thanks Vincent, where exactly I can find libxslt1.1?

If you have experimental in your sources.list (you should because
you installed a package that have been compiled with an experimental
package, ie a package from experimental), then a simple

  apt-get install -t experimental libxslt1.1

should work.

Else, look at the package page:
Choose the "experimental" version and you can download it (for your
architecture) at the end of the webpage.
  Of course, if you choose this solution, you will need to
install it manually with dpkg and perhaps to install its missing
dependencies on your system.

  If the first solution does not work and the second seem
complicated to you, try to get help from a user forum/mailing list.


> On Tue, Apr 16, 2013 at 1:37 PM, Vincent Danjean <vdanjean.ml at free.fr <mailto:vdanjean.ml at free.fr>> wrote:
>     Le 16/04/2013 21:54, Aish a écrit :
>     > hi Mike,
>     > do you mind sharing what exactly you added to  LD_LIBRARY_PATH? I
>     > am facing same issue
>     Just install libxslt1.1 from experimental.
>     It should be enforced by the xsltproc package dependencies but
>     a bug in the libxslt1.1 package (wrong symbol file) is generating
>     a not-strong-enough dependency.
>       Regards,
>         Vincent
>     > thanks
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