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Promotional SMS: 

Demo Account:

URL - http://sms.kapsystem.com <http://sms.kapsystem.com/>   Uname - kaptest    Pwd - test123

Pricing Details(Promotional SMS): 

Package NameUnit Price/Per SMSPrice in INROrder
250,000 SMS 0.26 65,000  <http://kapsystem.com/ordersnow.aspx?ID=10>
100,000 SMS 0.27 27,000  <http://kapsystem.com/ordersnow.aspx?ID=5>
50,000 SMS 0.30 15,000  <http://kapsystem.com/ordersnow.aspx?ID=4>
25,000 SMS 0.35 8,750  <http://kapsystem.com/ordersnow.aspx?ID=7>

Promotional SMS Features: 

* Promo on NON-DND Numbers. 
* DND Numbers list can be extracted and will not be charged. 
* Delivery Time – Instant Delivery. 
* Delivery Report - Instant Delivery Report, 100% of Guaranteed Delivery and Cash Back Guaranteed. 

Online Order:
To place the SMS order online - http://kapsystem.com/bulksms/orde rnow.html <http://kapsystem.com/bulksms/ordernow.html>
To make the custom payment - http://kapsystem.com/paynow.aspx <http://kapsystem.com/paynow.aspx> 

Bank Details - http://kapsystem.com/payment.html <http://kapsystem.com/payment.html>

Transactional SMS(DND Open Route):

Pricing Details(Transactional SMS - DND Open Route): 

Package NameUnit Price/Per SMSPrice in INROrder
250,000 SMS  0.24   60,000  <http://kapsystem.com/ordersnow.aspx?ID=14>
100,000 SMS 0.25 25,000  <http://kapsystem.com/ordersnow.aspx?ID=13>
50,000 SMS 0.28 14,000  <http://kapsystem.com/ordersnow.aspx?ID=12>
25,000 SMS 0.33 8,250  <http://kapsystem.com/ordersnow.aspx?ID=11>

Transactional SMS Features: 

* Six Character Sender ID will be provided(ONLY Alphabets). 
* Web Interface/HTTP API will be given. 
* Messages gets delivered to DND Numbers also. 
* It works on template basis. Refer the sample template(http://kapsystem.com/bulksms/templates.htm <http://kapsystem.com/bulksms/templates.htm>). The templates with 70% of Static Content and 30% Variables. 
* We would require details on how your customers are subscribing or getting registered and one sample of subscription form is mandatory. 
* Setup Fee 25,000 (Refundable Deposit will be applicable) 

                  Need more information? Dial 97380 10000 or mail us at       info at kapsystem.com <mailto:info at kapsystem.com>.

Place the order now and start continuing your promotion activity without any interruption.

Have a nice day:)

Warm Regards, 

SALES TEAM | KAP Computer Solutions Pvt. Ltd., [KAPSYSTEM]  

<Call Sales/Support/Billing: +91-80-4900 4444 [PRI LINE] 

Email: info at kapsystem.com <mailto:info at kapsystem.com> (Sales) | support at kapsystem.com <mailto:support at kapsystem.com> (Support) | Web: www.kapsystem.com <http://www.kapsystem.com/> 
Specialized in: Bulk SMS, Bulk Email, Web Designing, Application Development and Maintenance.  

Our aim is to be exceptional in delivery across each.  

Description: Description: C:\Documents and Settings\Admin\Desktop\download.jpg <https://plus.google.com/105736753798673419388>  

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