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Gosby Enterprises UK Ltd. stewartgosby at yahoo.co.uk
Mon Mar 3 08:09:00 UTC 2014

Dear friend, Greetings.

I am Mr. James Hucks from London and my company is Hucks Gosby Enterprises
UK Ltd also here in London UK. I am contacting you after some inquiries I
made at the trade desk of your high commission here and they confirmed your
country's political stability, investment opportunities, sound financial
policies, good investment infrastructures, stable economy and above all,
the hospitality of your people.

I know that we have not met before, but I trust that you are an
experienced, respected, reliable and trustworthy personality with high
standard of honesty and integrity. I am seeking`means of establishing and
operating a viable business investment in your country under qualified
foreign partnership. Since I have not done any business in your country
before, I would need you to assist and guide me and recommend profitable
areas where I can legally invest that can generate at least 10% annual
return on investment (ROI) and conducive for investors of foreign descent.
I am also ready to facilitate and fund any business that can generate
reasonable annual return on investment. I want to have you as my partner,
overseas representative and manager and it is going to be a joint business
between both of us after we reach a mutual and honest agreement based on
faith, trust, comittment and understanding as I desire some confidentiality
in the handling and management of this project. I also want to know if we
can invest a part of my fund into your own establishment if the fund
security can be guaranteed by you. Most importantly, I want everything to
be done legally, genuinely and transparently.

Actually, my preferences are real estate, agriculture, hospital, hotel,
tourism or you may let me know any other viable idea of good profit
yielding business that can give us good profits within a reasonable period
of time. I will also need you to assist me in getting  agricultural lands
as I am proposing to invest a ready sum of Five million, five hundred
thousand British Pounds Sterling (£5.5million) with you immediately. Rest
assured that this fund has no such illegalities like drug trafficking,
money laundering or any financial crime attached to it. This is a
legitimate transaction and it is 100% free from any encumbrance.

If you believe we can work together for our mutual benefit, let me please
know your thinking and your interest to partner with me, your investment
strategy and condition for joint business co-operation. Let me also know if
it is possible to get the fund back in the next 10 years while the
investment is in progress with you in your country. If you have any
question, please feel free to ask me and I am available to discuss this
proposal with you and to answer any questions you may have in regard to
this. I will also provide relevant details of  the investment funds and the
procedures in sequence so that we can proceed without delay. You can
contact me via my company emails: info at hucksgosbyenterprisesukltd.com,
gosbyenterprisesuklimited at yahoo.co.uk, so that we can  elaborately discuss
full details for us to have a bright, sound, prosperous, strong, credible
and fruitful business relationship. I expect your swift reply. Regards.
Mob: +447024021295. +447031936088
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