[xml/sgml-pkgs] Bug#831915: dita-ot: FTBFS with dpkg-buildpackage -A: cp: cannot stat 'demo/fo/lib': No such file or directory

Lucas Nussbaum lucas at debian.org
Wed Jul 20 19:29:33 UTC 2016

Source: dita-ot
Version: 1.5.3-1
Severity: important
Tags: stretch sid
User: debian-qa at lists.debian.org
Usertags: qa-ftbfs-20160720 qa-ftbfs qa-indep
Justification: FTBFS on amd64


During a rebuild of all packages in sid, your package failed to build on
amd64.  This rebuild was done by building only the architecture-independent
packages.  At the same time, a normal build succeeded, which points the
problem specifically to build-indep/binary-indep targets.

If all the arch-independent packages are dummy transitional packages
released with jessie, the easy fix is to drop them now. If not, debian/rules
should be modified so that the build-indep and binary-indep target generates
the architecture independent packages (and only those).

After checking that both "dpkg-buildpackage -A" and "dpkg-buildpackage -B" work
properly, this package will be suitable to be uploaded in source-only form if
you wish.

I file this bug as severity: important, but Santiago Vila, who led this
effort (kudos to him), got approval from the release team to consider those
bugs RC for stretch. The severity will be increased to 'serious' shortly.
See #830997 for details.

Relevant part (hopefully):
>  fakeroot debian/rules binary-indep
> dh_listpackages: -s/--same-arch is deprecated; please use -a/--arch instead
> test -x debian/rules
> dh_testroot
> dh_prep 
> dh_installdirs -A 
> mkdir -p "."
> CDBS WARNING:  DEB_ANT_INSTALL_TARGET unset, skipping default ant.mk common-install target
> Adding cdbs dependencies to debian/dita-ot.substvars
> dh_installdirs -pdita-ot \
> jh_installjavadoc -pdita-ot 
> mkdir -p debian/dita-ot/usr/share/dita-ot
> tar xf build/dita-minimal.tar.gz --directory=debian/dita-ot/usr/share/dita-ot --strip-components=1
> rm -rf debian/dita-ot/usr/share/dita-ot/demo/fo/src
> cp -r demo/fo/lib debian/dita-ot/usr/share/dita-ot/demo/fo
> cp: cannot stat 'demo/fo/lib': No such file or directory
> debian/rules:19: recipe for target 'install/dita-ot' failed
> make: *** [install/dita-ot] Error 1

The full build log is available from:

A list of current common problems and possible solutions is available at
http://wiki.debian.org/qa.debian.org/FTBFS . You're welcome to contribute!

About the archive rebuild: The rebuild was done on EC2 VM instances from
Amazon Web Services, using a clean, minimal and up-to-date chroot. Every
failed build was retried once to eliminate random failures.

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