[xml/sgml-pkgs] Bug#799755: Processed: Re: docbook2x: Does not build twice in a row

Santiago Vila sanvila at unex.es
Sun Mar 27 22:07:51 UTC 2016

On Sun, 27 Sep 2015, Gianfranco Costamagna wrote:

> Control: tags -1 -patch
> >I'm sorry but I am finding it difficult to understand this mindset.
> >Debian should be about quality, not about throwing untested stuff at the
> >archive.
> this is true, and this is the reason why I didn't upload it :)
> dpkg-source: info: local changes detected, the modified files are:
> docbook2X-0.8.8/doc/changes.html
> docbook2X-0.8.8/doc/charsets.html
> docbook2X-0.8.8/doc/cindex.html
> docbook2X-0.8.8/doc/db2x_manxml.html
> docbook2X-0.8.8/doc/db2x_texixml.html
> docbook2X-0.8.8/doc/db2x_xsltproc.html
> docbook2X-0.8.8/doc/dependencies.html
> docbook2X-0.8.8/doc/design-notes.html
> docbook2X-0.8.8/doc/docbook2man.html
> docbook2X-0.8.8/doc/docbook2texi.html
> docbook2X-0.8.8/doc/faq.html
> docbook2X-0.8.8/doc/install.html
> docbook2X-0.8.8/doc/manpages.html
> docbook2X-0.8.8/doc/performance.html
> docbook2X-0.8.8/doc/sgml2xml-isoent.html
> docbook2X-0.8.8/doc/testing.html
> docbook2X-0.8.8/doc/texinfo.html
> docbook2X-0.8.8/doc/todo.html
> docbook2X-0.8.8/doc/utf8trans.html
> docbook2X-0.8.8/doc/xsltproc.html
> docbook2X-0.8.8/xslt/documentation/docbook2man-xslt.info
> docbook2X-0.8.8/xslt/documentation/docbook2man-xslt.texi
> docbook2X-0.8.8/xslt/documentation/docbook2texi-xslt.info
> docbook2X-0.8.8/xslt/documentation/docbook2texi-xslt.texi
> if you have a solution for them please tell me :)

Hello Gianfranco and Chris.

I've made some checks today, and this is what I got:

* This package still FTBFS if built twice in a row.

* The patch by Chris adding the missing Build-Depends solves the issue.

* I can't reproduce the undesired side-effects quoted above with
  version 0.8.8-13 currently in testing and unstable. I guess the
  problem went away by using autoreconf.

> (and BTW adding that dependency is fine, I discovered it by myself while trying to fix this issue
> some days ago, but I'll add only when I have a full patch)

Makes sense.

Please try the patch from Chris with the current version. It works for me.


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