[xml/sgml-pkgs] Bug#998881: jing should accept other JRE versions besides the default version

Olivier Cailloux olivier.cailloux at dauphine.fr
Tue Nov 9 10:17:55 GMT 2021

Package: jing
Version: 20181222+dfsg2-5

Jing is currently marked as depending on “default-jre”, itself
depending on “openjdk-11-jre [non hppa]”. But it would work equally
well with any posterior version, such as openjdk-17-jre.

I already have openjdk-17-jdk (hence, openjdk-17-jre) on my system
(bullseye), and asking apt to install jing warns me that it will take
201 MB, 90% of which are due to installation of openjdk-11-jre.

jing should be marked as accepting any jre version from 11 onwards (or
any other appropriate means to let apt realize that when the user has
openjdk-x-jre with x ≥ 11, there is no need to install another jre).


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