[Debichem-devel] libopenbabel transition (FYI)

LI Daobing lidaobing at gmail.com
Sun Apr 15 12:43:38 UTC 2007


openbabel 2.1.0 will ship libopenbabel2 instead of libopenbabel1, but
libopenbabel2 and libopenbabel1 can't live together because both of
them contain following files[1]. so libopenbabel2 will conflicts with
or override libopenbabel1.

$ dpkg -L libopenbabel1 | grep /usr/lib/openbabel | head

1. override

first we should confirm whether libopenbabel1 still can work after
libopenbabel2 override all files in /usr/lib/openbabel. if it is, no
transition work needed.

2. conflict

if libopenbabel2 have to conflict with libopenbabel1. after we upload
the new version of openbabel, we need to upload the updated rdepends
packages as soon as possible (including xdrawchem, ghemical,
gchempaint, gnome-chemistry-utils), at least we should confirm these
packages can work with libopenbabel2.

How should we do?

LI Daobing

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