[Debichem-devel] Payment has been made!.

Maria Maria at eye-catch.biz
Tue Sep 9 06:55:55 UTC 2008

Payment has been made!. 

I am just dropping by on this kinkos store to email you and to let you know that I have just sent the payment via Western Union in your name as I do not have your account details correct. 
I also want you to have the payment information below:

Money Transfer Control Number (MTCN): 450-330-4281
Amount Sent: $185,000 USD
Text Question: How?
Answer: Fine. 

You can go to any Western Union location right now and pick up the cash quick. I hope that you have a Western Union Promo Code or a Western Union Coupon Code?

You will need this to send or claim amount above $12,000 USD from any Western Union agent location. If you track the Order, it may give you a wrong information. Why is because the money is been sent through my Coupon Codes as I couldn't send the money personally in a Western Union Agent Location due to the large sum that is involved. 

Be advised that you cannot track this order online for security purposes because the money was sent from my promotional Code. 
My company will be sending my team to Chile this week. 

I am already on my way to join my team in completing the unfinished bridge construction project in Chile. We may leave town tomorrow and I couldn't go without dropping the payment information with you. We may spend 2 to 3 months there before the job would be completely finished. 

Remember that if you do not claim the money before 9 days, they will call back the money to my card. And if you do not have the Western Union Promo/Gold Card, you cannot pick up the cash.

I may not be around to reply any of your emails now, but I will talk to you as soon as I return. 
If you do not have a Western Union card, you may contact the western union agent details below so that they will provide a Western Union card for you immediately and also send you a copy of the voucher of the payment that I made, via email. 

Contact the office below for your Western Union card:

Contact Person: Billy Anthony
Email:  westunionmt at live.com

Send the below details to him:
Your Full Name:
MTCN number: (as above)

As soon as the office gets the above information, they will use the credentials to create your Western Union card right away without any delay.

That is all to it. I hope to talk to you as soon as we are back on the errand or call it project. Remember that I cannot reply your email now, it is better you contact Bill Anthony right away with his email: westunioncard at live.com , using the above email address ensure to enter the email correctly. 

Mr. David & Maria Mark.

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