[Debichem-devel] Goffice soname change - package rebuild request

Michael Banck mbanck at debian.org
Wed Feb 17 01:00:50 UTC 2010


On Tue, Feb 16, 2010 at 09:32:42PM +0100, J.H.M. Dassen (Ray) wrote:
> Earlier this week, new upstream stable releases of goffice and gnumeric were
> made. Unfortunately, the new goffice release (0.8.0-1)'s soname is older
> than the older ones. 

I don't understand this, do you mean "different than" instead of "older

As far as I can tell, the new soname is libgoffice-0.8.so.8 while the
old one was libgoffice-0.8.so.7, correct?

> This breaks loading of binaries built against older (unstable) goffice
> versions; see e.g. bug #570010.
> Rather than changing goffice's library versioning and deviating from
> upstream and likely breaking compatibility with code built on other
> distributions, my preferred way of dealing with this is to ask you to
> rebuild your goffice-dependent package against the new stable release.
> Please let me know whether you agree with this approach and whether you can
> upload a rebuilt package, say before next month.

Well, this is a library transition, so I think you should discuss this
with the release team.  

Am I right in assuming that the move from .so.7 to .so.8 was just to
cater to the fact that a stable release had been made and no
source-level changes are needed?  In this case, binaryNMUs should
probably suffice, rebuilds could possibly be avoided.



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