[Debichem-devel] call form supervision of the packaging of a python software

Filippo Rusconi rusconi-debian at laposte.net
Sat Oct 30 20:46:56 UTC 2010

Greetings Debichemists,

I package a mass spectrometry software called mmass. This software now
ships a private module as a share object that gets build from C code.

It is the first time I package a python package that ships a private
binary module. Would any person listening be kind enough to give a
whirl at the packging ?

In particular, one tricky part is the fact that the private module is
build in a created directory that has a different name each time the
platform changes. So I had to use '*' wildcards during the moving of
the files into the package. On my 386-compatible intel computer the
package works fine, but I wonder if any amd64 user would experience

The packaging material is under git revision at 


browsable at 


Because I had to repackage the software, the tarball produced from the
master branch will actually look like the orig.tar.gz. 

For those having access to alioth.debian.org, please have a look at
the files in 


Thanks for your help, best regards,


Filippo Rusconi, PhD - CNRS - public key C78F687C
Author of ``massXpert''     at http://www.massxpert.org

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