[Debichem-devel] Bug#660176: cp2k: FTBFS with long paths to source files

Aaron M. Ucko ucko at debian.org
Fri Feb 17 03:18:40 UTC 2012

Source: cp2k
Version: 2.2.426-1
Severity: serious
Justification: fails to build from source

Thanks for addressing #641242!  cp2k now fares better, but still fails
to build when absolute path names are long, as they wind up running
against Fortran's line-length limit.  In particular, autobuilders tend
to use paths along the lines of 


resulting in errors of the form

  jJ/cp2k-2.2.426/makefiles/../src/cp_units.F"//' line '//cp_to_string(1190),
  Error: Syntax error in argument list at (1)
  Error: Unclassifiable statement at (1)

cp_common_uses.h suggests a couple of possible ways to accommodate
line-length limits, of which arranging to build with relative paths
would be ideal.  Alternatively, it looks like you can eliminate the
limit altogether by building with -ffree-line-length-none.

Could you please take care of it one way or another?


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