[Debichem-devel] Abinit (Was: r5051 - unstable/abinit/debian)

Michael Banck mbanck at debian.org
Sun Apr 20 12:07:56 UTC 2014


I've finished working on Abinit for now, and added some items to
debian/TODO which are IMHO not required to be fixed immediately.

Anybody else got some feedback/suggestions? Andreas?

Otherwise I've built packages and could upload them in the next days, if
nothing else comes up.

One TODO I noticed during package build is that the test suite is
totally silent during execution. So it might run into some buildd
timeout because sbuild thinks it hangs.  I've changed the testsuite to
only run the "fast" tests by default, but it might still happen on the
slow architectures (it took less than a minute on my notebook).  So a
TODO would be to change runtests.py to add some progress output after
each test.  But that can wait for the next upload I think.


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