[Debichem-devel] Bug#866417: bkchem is marked for autoremoval from testing

Stuart Prescott stuart at debian.org
Mon Jan 8 09:48:23 UTC 2018

Dear fellow Debichem maintainers,

> Regarding the Git migration I keep on wondering why you are remaining so
> relaxed in general in the Debichem team.  I'd be seriously concerned
> that you will be beaten by a non-functional VCS pretty soon.

Andreas makes a good point -- we've been slowly drifting towards git as and 
when a git user touches packages but I think it's time that we converted to 
git and we should get it done quite soon.

Given I've got the necessary tools and have the right config for svn-all-fast 
export around from the bkchem conversion, any objections to doing that en 
masse now?

With all the packages in the same repo, doing them all at once and then moving 
the svn repo out of the way is perhaps the best way to prevent further 
changes. Opinions?


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