[Debichem-devel] Bug#973027: Bug#973027: rdkit: FTBFS in unstable with postgresql 13

Michael Banck mbanck at debian.org
Fri Oct 30 08:49:40 GMT 2020


On Fri, Oct 30, 2020 at 08:39:00AM +0200, Andrius Merkys wrote:
> Hi Michael,
> On 2020-10-29 22:10, Michael Banck wrote:
> > Andrius, are you going to upload rdkit again? BTW, the changelog in
> > salsa still has UNRELEASED as distribution, are you going to update this
> > once the upload went through? Further, the bug isn't being closed in the
> > changelog.
> I tried uploading again, but got rejected with the following message:
> librdkit-dev_202003.4-3_amd64.deb: trying to install to new, but could
> not find source (rdkit 202003.4-3)
> binary:postgresql-13-rdkit is NEW.

Sounds like this time you only uploaded .debs and not the
.dsc/.debian.tar.xz, it wants both. The mergechanges tool (from
devscripts I think) might be of help here.
> I do not know how to deal with it, could you please help? I have now
> pushed the commit releasing 202003.4-3 and closing this bug, so you may
> alternatively do the upload.

OK, I'll take a look.


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