[Debichem-devel] Bug#1035088: unblock: gelemental/2.0.2-1

Graham Inggs ginggs at debian.org
Sat Apr 29 12:28:54 BST 2023

Package: release.debian.org
Severity: normal
User: release.debian.org at packages.debian.org
Usertags: unblock
X-Debbugs-Cc: gelemental at packages.debian.org
Control: affects -1 + src:gelemental

Please unblock package gelemental

[ Reason ]
This is a maintenance release from upstream with only the following changes:
* an updated Russian translation
* fix button colours with new Yaru themes (src:yaru-theme in Debian)
* avoid FTBFS with Pango 1.50 (merged patch from Debian)

[ Impact ]
* Users will not benefit from the updated Russian translation.
* Buttons will not appear in different colours for users of new Yaru themes.

[ Tests ]
gElemental has no autopkgtests.
I have tested the gElemental UI with every Yaru theme.

[ Risks ]
The Russian translation could introduce new mistranslations.
The changes for the new Yaru themes are specifically targeted at the
new theme names, so should not be able to affect users of other

[ Checklist ]
  [x] all changes are documented in the d/changelog
  [x] I reviewed all changes and I approve them
  [ ] attach debdiff against the package in testing

[ Other info ]
Upstream regenerated configuration files (autoreconf -fi) which
introduced a lot of noise in the debdiff.  I provide two filtered
debdiffs, one with only Debian packaging changes:
filterdiff -i '*/debian/*'
and the other with only upstream changes (excluding regenerated
configuration files and the Russian translation):
filterdiff -x '*/debian/*' -x '*/aclocal.m4' -x '*/configure' -x
'*/config.*' -x '*/ltmain.sh' -x '*/Makefile.in*' -x '*/intltool-*.in'
-x '*/po/ru.po'

unblock gelemental/2.0.2-1
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