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Quoting Jonas Smedegaard (2015-04-16 10:45:41)
> Quoting juliette Belin (2015-04-16 09:20:52)
>> I'm Juliette Belin, a french student. I've create the Debian Jessie 
>> theme and would like to continue contributing to the Debian project.
>> Do you think that infographic like this one, created by Claudio 
>> Filho, could be useful ? http://cfnarede.com.br/infographic-of-debian
>> I would like to create this kind of artwork to explain for example 
>> how to package, how to choose a desktop, or anything that could be 
>> useful for any debian new contributor or user.
>> Infographics can be understand in a very easier way than reading a 
>> lot of wiki pages (and can be added as additional informations and 
>> summary), and can also be diffused easier on social network, or by 
>> mail...
>> what do you think of this idea ?
> Great initiative!
> Please consider join the mailinglist for Designers in/for/with Debian: 
> https://lists.alioth.debian.org/mailman/listinfo/design-devel

How about an infographic about Design aspects of Debian?  I mean, 
correlations between Desktop Environment teams like pkg-gnome, pkg-kde 
and pkg-xfce, cross-desktop teams like debian-desktop, cross-desktop 
elements like widget-themes, icon-themes and audio-themes, 
special-purpose designs like boot animation and videoteam jingles, and 
meta designs like infographics.

...and I no doubt forgot a bunch.

Purpose of the design team is not to compete with any of the other more 
specific teams, but to help coordinate where to go in Debian with which 
design interests.  The design team could really use an infographic.

...and, I suspect, the very work on making such infographic would 
provoke questions on what really do exist in Debian - which would be a 
great discussion to have, here on this list.

 - Jonas

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