[Design-devel] Design help needed: Debian Roll-up Banners

Martin Zobel-Helas zobel at ftbfs.de
Wed May 6 16:35:20 UTC 2015


during yesterdays Debian publicity team IRC meeting one of the items
discussed was about promoting Debian at open source events. One of the
ideas that came up were Roll-up banners.

I literly work next door to a company producing those and the DPL agreed
that we will produce some of them.

What we need now is a design for them.

Technical details:

printed size:  85cm x 210cm
viewable size: 85cm x 200cm
the last 10cm will not be viewable, so put no text there, but in case
you put color there or a gradient, pull it until 210cm.

needs to be in CMYK, 300DPI.

My idea is that we put the 'Debian Open Use Logo' with 'Debian' at the
top and have some general information about Debian below that. Font size
should be not too small, as those roll-up banners are intended to be
used at open source event booths.

So design proposals welcome!

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