[Design-devel] issues with the website homepage banner (Theme futurePrototype)

Carsten Schoenert c.schoenert at t-online.de
Thu Jul 11 08:00:37 BST 2019

Hi Laura,

Am 10.07.19 um 15:18 schrieb Laura Arjona Reina:
> 6.- I noticed that the characters in the sentence "The universal
> operating system" in the SVG and these new PNG files were thinner
> than in the original PNG provided by Alex Makas. I tried to use the
> bold font but then they were much thicker and I should center the
> sentence respect of the image, so I left the normal font.>
> The result will be visible in the website in the next hours but you
> can see the png file here:>
> https://deb.li/f0rF
> I don't know if this result can be improved or not, and if the issues
> of bad kerning in stretch or thinner font in buster are bugs or
> features and if they are related to inkscape or the font package or
> the font upstream.

I think we will need to rethink the complete banner part (at some time).
I mean we don't should do a removal or something like that of the
existing banner itself, but we need to think about what needs to be done
to have also a good starting page on the now present mobile devises like
smartphones and tablets. A static graphic has it's limitations here, we
will probably need to play around with some possibilities.

Ideally the text "The universal operating system" is added not within
the graphic but by a webfont so it is not a graphic in the end.
The text needs to be visible on right side of the swirl and should be
handled dynamically by the size of the underlying banner. The size of
the banner need to be also handled and driven dynamically by the
available place on the device on the user side.
Also the swirl should be dynamically resized based on the height of the
banner. On screens with a lesser size (or resized screens) the text need
to flow under the swirl.

This should be all possible by CSS rework and looking at existing
banners elsewhere should give also some hints.

But I also must admit I see such points as some of the not so important
things we need to solve in a first place as working on CSS here is
heavily interacting with some other needed CSS work on the new planned
design. I fear any work here is probably not usable later and by this is
quite useless burned energy.
I'm really not satisfied with the progress we've made since the talking
about a more modern web design and hope we can work further on this all
while DC19 with some outcome.

Carsten Schoenert

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