[Design-devel] request for help: website banner for Debian 11 cycle

Laura Arjona Reina larjona at debian.org
Sat Aug 14 13:20:30 BST 2021

Dear all

I know I should have had a look at this with more time, but life happens :/

We're preparing the website for the new Debian 11 release and one of the tasks is updating the banner.

The Homeworld theme made by Juliette Taka (thanks!) provides a banner that can be downloaded in png or svg format from


On the other side, we usually split the website banner in 2 images, one for background (plain or gradient colour) and the other for foreground ("Debian"+"The universal operating system"+drawing). This way, using CSS the banner is well shown with most of the screen widths (usually).

I've done my best and uploaded the background and foreground pictures in the https://wiki.debian.org/DebianArt/Themes/Homeworld page, under "Derivative works" section.

The reason to display the Debian logo+motto and the coloured part almost centered is that the proposed website banner does not fit in narrow screens.

I've also uploaded png files to the website: the current images were 800x120 so I've scaled the new ones to 120px height.

You can see the current proposal by going to https://www-staging.debian.org/ and then using the Developer tools, go to the CSS editor, and in the "splash" sections, change "futureprototype-bg.png" for "homeworld-bg.png", and "futureprototype.png" by "homeworld-fg.png"

I've used the Adaptable Design view of the Developer tools in Firefox to test this on different screen sizes and I think it works well for screens 600px wide or more, but not for narrower screens. I don't know enough CSS to tweak there.

If anybody knows a way to make all this better (whether using other design for the banner, other image sizes, or changes in the CSS), any help is appreciated.

Kind regards,
Laura Arjona Reina

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