[Design-devel] "The Universal operating system" text font

Laura Arjona Reina larjona at debian.org
Wed Aug 25 13:39:44 BST 2021

Hi Andreas

CC'in Juliette Taka (the original designer) and Design-Devel mailing list for the case I'm wrong or they can help more.

El 24/8/21 a las 20:26, Andreas Rönnquist escribió:
> I have for all long time been annoyed by the fact that "The universal
> operating system" underneath the Debian logo is in English and in the
> image, and because of this non-translatable - so now I have started to
> work out what needs to be done to translate it.
> I have found that I can update the css for Swedish and point the image
> to a translated version of the image.

The CSS points to 2 files and the one you'd need to provide is the Swedish alternative for /english/Pics/homeworld-fg.png
which is the foreground design, including "The Universal Operating system" motto.

> This, however, is harder than I thought - I found
> https://wiki.debian.org/DebianArt/Themes/Homeworld?action=AttachFile&do=view&target=website_banner.svg

The original SVG file for the png is in the "Derivative works" section of the wiki page, in particular:


> but there the text is in "paths" and not as text, so this makes it way
> harder.

When I prepared the pictures we needed for the website and blog post, I opened with a text editor the SVG available for the blog:


and searched for "font" and saw that the number 11 was in PopplLaudatio-Condensed (which is the original font for the "Debian" logo too).
So I supposed that all the texts were in that font.
As it is a non-free font, but there's Prociono packaged in Debian, I installed Prociono in my system and created the picture for the blog article (adding the date and the deb.li url) with Prociono.

More info in https://wiki.debian.org/DebianLogo

(I've just uploaded the SVG and PNG used in the blog post to the "Derivative works" section)

Later Juliette provided the SVG for the website banner and some more SVG files (thanks!) so for the homeworld-fg.svg I edited the one she provided with Inkscape to remove the "dot" at the end of the motto and move the elements to create a centered, narrow foreground image (so it's displayed well in mobile devices).

> Is there a version of the image in SVG with the text as real text, and
> not as paths? I am a bit of a noob when it comes to inkscape, so there
> might be a way to convert it back to text, if there is, please tell me
> how.

I don't know how to do that from the SVGs that already show the text as objects/paths.

> Otherwise, someone might simply know what font should be used for the
> "The universal operating system" text?

I guess removing the English text and creating a new one, in white colour and Prociono font can do the trick.
Then export to png with the same size as the English one and commit the image and the Swedish CSS.

If you'd like to test things, have a look at the build times and ping me in IRC in a timeframe where there is no build; I can build the homepage without pushing to mirrors so you would see the results in https://www-staging.debian.org/ 

Other option is to play with the Developer options of Firefox to temporary change the CSS pointing to a local file etc.

> Help would be much appreciated!

I don't like the current status of things (very complicated, at least for me) but I don't know how to improve it (maybe the designers can help us to write down the particular needs for the website banner: sizes, format, translatable content, background/foreground... for the next release) but at some time we have also talked about changing the banner or even removing it, maybe it's time to open a bug report and rethink the banner globally (if we want it or we prefer to improve the Download button making it an image or so, the position, size, particular details to allow translations and good display in every device...)

Kind regards,
Laura Arjona Reina

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