[Design-devel] Announcing Libre Graphics magazine 2.3: The Type Issue & CFS for Issue 2.4

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     Announcing Libre Graphics magazine, Issue 2.3
      Call for Submissions for Issue 2.4: Capture

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ANNOUNCING Issue 2.3 of Libre Graphics magazine: The Type Issue

We’re very pleased to announce the long-awaited release of Libre
Graphics magazine issue 2.3. This issue is guest-edited by Manuel
Schmalstieg and addresses a theme we’ve been wanting to tackle for some
time: type design. From specimen design to international fonts,
constraint-based type to foundry building, this issue shows off the many
faces of libre type design.

With the usual cast of columnists, stunning showcases and intriguing
features, issue 2.3, The Type Issue, given an entrée into what’s now and
next in F/LOSS fonts.

The Type Issue is the third issue in volume two of Libre Graphics
magazine. Libre Graphics magazine is a print publication devoted to
showcasing and promoting work created with Free/Libre Open Source
Software. We accept work about or including artistic practices which
integrate Free, Libre and Open software, standards, culture, methods and


Data capture sounds like a thoroughly dispassionate topic. We collect
information from peripherals attached to computers, turning keystrokes
into characters, turning clicks into actions, collecting video, audio
and images of varying quality and fidelity. Capture in this sense is a
young word, devised in the latter half of the twentieth century. For the
four hundred years previous, the word suggested something with far
higher stakes, something more passionate and visceral. To capture was to
seize, to take, like the capture of a criminal or of a treasure trove.
Computation has rendered capture routine and safe.

But capture is neither simply an act of forcible collection or of
technical routine. The sense of capture we would like to approach in
this issue is gentler, more evocative. Issue 2.4 of Libre Graphics
magazine, the last in volume 2, looks at capture as the act of
encompassing, emulating and encapsulating difficult things, subtle
qualities. Routinely, we capture with keyboards, mice, cameras, audio
recorders, scanners, browsing histories, keyloggers. We might capture a
fleeting expression in a photo, or a personal history in an audio
recording. Our methods of data capture, though they may seem commonplace
at first glance, offer opportunities to catch moments.

We’re looking for work, both visual and textual, exploring the concept
of capture, as it relates to or is done with F/LOSS art and design. All
kinds of capture, metaphorical or literal, are welcome. Whether it’s a
treatise on the politics of photo capture in public places, a series of
photos taken using novel F/LOSS methods, documentation of a homebrew 3D
scanner, any riff on the idea of capture is invited. We encourage
submissions for articles, showcases, interviews and anything else you
might suggest. Proposals for submissions (no need to send us the
completed work right away) can be sent to submissions at libregraphicsmag.com.

*The deadline for submissions is May 11th, 2015.*

Libre Graphics magazine

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