[Filesystems-devel] Bug#754234: LZMA support in squashfs-tools

Riley Baird BM-2cVqnDuYbAU5do2DfJTrN7ZbAJ246S4XiX at bitmessage.ch
Sat Jun 20 07:12:01 UTC 2015

Hi filesystems-devel!

There is no LZMA support in the Debian version of unsquashfs (provided
by squashfs-tools). This can be fixed simply by defining
LZMA_XZ_SUPPORT = 1, and more information can be found in #754234.

It is true that LZMA is depreciated, so I understand if the filesystems
group doesn't want it to be enabled, but seeing as there are still some
images that use LZMA, would a patch to re-enable the functionality be

Yours thankfully,

Riley Baird
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