[Filesystems-devel] Bug#813806: f2fs.fsck segfaults on boot

Heinz Repp heinz.repp at arcor.de
Fri Feb 5 12:00:17 UTC 2016

package:	f2fs-tools
version:	1.6.0-2

I have a Debian testing 64bit (amd64) system with / mounted on a SSD 
f2fs partition (and /boot to an ext4 partition on the same drive).
uname -a gives:
> Linux seaorbiter 4.3.0-1-amd64 #1 SMP Debian 4.3.3-7 (2016-01-19) x86_64 GNU/Linux

On every boot I see as fourth or fifth line something like:
> fsck.f2fs exited with error code 8

In every boot log (as seen by dmesg or journalctl -b) I see a line:
> [    4.842966] fsck.f2fs[184]: segfault at 84 ip 000000000040c182 sp 00007fffa9695fe0 error 4 in fsck.f2fs[400000+12000]

It is always "at 84" and always "fsck.f2fs[400000+12000]".

Usually in fstab fs_passno for this partition is set to 0. When I set it 
to 1, the boot message changes: now fsck reports error 11, and then, 
after a short moment, eventually a fsck run starts counting from 1 of 4 
to 4 of 4, and then the system starts normally - seems, the error forced 
a successful fsck?. Nevertheless, the only line I find in the logs 
(journal/kernel) is the one above.

I wonder what's going on there, the system seems healthy, but a segfault 
on every boot sounds not acceptable.

Heinz Repp

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