[Filesystems-devel] Bug#843846: Bug#843846: aufs for 4.8: "../fs/mount.h not found" when enabling NFS export

Jan Luca Naumann j.naumann at fu-berlin.de
Thu Nov 10 08:49:34 UTC 2016

Hey Phil,

the file fs/mount.h belongs to the normal kernel source. Upstream suggest to build the aufs-module inside the kernel source tree. Since this is not simply possible for the automatic Debian package builds, I have to think about a good solution for thr Debian package. If I find a good solution I also could enable the setting CONFIG_AUFS_EXPORT=y by default for the package.


Am 10. November 2016 09:26:27 MEZ, schrieb Philipp Marek <philipp.marek at linbit.com>:
>Hi Junjiro,
>using https://github.com/sfjro/aufs4-standalone.git as 
>e9fd128dcb16167417683e199a5feb14f3c9eca8 and setting
>only gives me a compile error:
>    /usr/src/aufs4-standalone/fs/aufs/vfsub.c:26:25: fatal error:
>    ../fs/mount.h file or directory not found
>As the NFS change was your commit, but that one didn't include a file 
>"mount.h", would you please send it to me and/or push it to the
>Thank you very much.
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