[Filesystems-devel] Bug#863166: aufs-dkms: Please enable CONFIG_AUFS_XATTR

Geoffrey Thomas geofft at ldpreload.com
Mon May 22 19:31:59 UTC 2017

Package: aufs-dkms
Version: 4.9+20161219-1

Hi maintainer,

Can you enable CONFIG_AUFS_XATTR in config.mk for aufs? This allows aufs 
to support file capabilities (getcap/setcap) in aufs filesystems. Support 
has existed in aufs since early 2015 but the flag is off by default.

The lack of this option is a problem for Docker users:

I've tested that setting `CONFIG_AUFS_XATTR = y` in config.mk, and 
rebuilding the DKMS module, causes running getcap inside Docker to start 

If it's possible to get this enabled for Stretch (either in the release or 
via stretch-backports), that would be very helpful -- it looks like the 
config option only enables setxattr etc. to be used on aufs inodes, so the 
risk of regressions is pretty low.

Geoffrey Thomas
geofft at ldpreload.com

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