[Filesystems-devel] Need an advise to use eCryptFs on tiny embedded system

Nilesh Deashmukh nilesh.deshmukh at live.com
Wed Jul 5 21:33:19 UTC 2017

Hi Sir,

We have our embedded system with following hardware configuration and planning to use the eCryptfs for same system (jffs2 file system).

Processor:  ARM926EJ-S rev (imx21 processor) 244 MZ clock speed.
Ram: 32 MB
Flash: 128 MB Nand flash
Filesystem: jffs2
Kernel: Vanilla Kernel  3.0

Note: System free memory is around 1-2 MB. Our application and kernel takes around 29-30 MB memory (without eCryptFS)

We have installed the eCryptFs utils Debian packages on our system and performing the basic testing. While performing the read, write operation testing, we have observed the following issues,

  1.  Observed the system hung issue while moving the large file to encrypted folder and telnet connection to system lost.” flush-ecryptfs“ thread goes into “Uninterruptible sleep”.

Waited for 12 hours but system did not come in normal state (could not even take telnet session)
  2.  CPU usage of goes very high around 80-90 % while writing the large size file. Kernel thread of eCryptFS take around  80-90 % cpu usages.

Could you please provide your opinion to use eCryptFs for such low resources embedded system? Your expert advice will help us to make platform design decision.

 Thanks and Regards,

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