[Filesystems-devel] Bug#904286: f2fs-tools: Please package f2fs-tools v1.11.0

Theodore Y. Ts'o tytso at mit.edu
Fri Aug 17 21:09:34 BST 2018

OK, I've created a new project in Salsa for f2fs-tools:


and I've uploaded git repo with a work-in-progress for a f2fs-tools
v1.11.0 packaging.

A couple of things which I've noted:

1)  The maintainers is listed as:

	filesystems-devel at lists.alioth.debian.org

I wonder if it's worth it to migrate the mailing list over to
lists.debian.org, and leave a forwarding pointer behind at the
lists.alioth.debian.org address?  It will take a while to update all
of the various file system utility packages to use a non-Alioth
address, but I wonder if we should get started.  Not high priority, so
we don't have to do this on this particular upload.

2)  In f2fs-tools 1.10.0-1, there is the shared libary package
libf2fs0, which contains the shared libaries:


In f2fs-tools 1.11.0 upstream, these have been bumped to:


I very much doubt any other packages are actually depending on
libf2fs0, but it seems wrong that we're using libf2fs0, as opposed to
say, libf2fs4 and now libf2fs5.

Was this intentional, or just one of those things that had never been
noticed/fixed earlier?


					- Ted

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