[Fingerforce-devel] Bug#452178: Bug#452178: libpam-thinkfinger: being enabled in common-auth forbids user with a fingerpring to login via ssh using password

Yaroslav Halchenko debian at onerussian.com
Tue Nov 20 22:05:39 UTC 2007

> Please always keep the bug report cc:ed, re-added.
sometimes I exclude my blurb to don't polute the flow of the bugreport
so any other reader don't have to read long pages of unrelated emotions.
But if you like - here we go ;-)

> >> I planned to release a new package fixing this bug [3], but two days
> >> later Timo Hoening (ThinkFinger upstream) posted about releasing a
> >> better patch soon after Nov 4th [4].
> > well.... now it is 20th of Nov... and it doesn't hurt at all to upload
> > temp fix -- it is better if it fixed some way and then "proper" fix
> > comes with next release
> I completely agree, but as already stated by its author ThinkFinger is
> dead upstream [1] and a more general solution is already available [2]
> (which BTW is been working on for Debian [3]).
ITP is not closed, thus not yet working on Debian ;-)
besides that url(s) in ITP leads to
DigitalPersona/Microsoft Fingerprint Reader Driver for Linux

discussion in the mailing list seems to be fruitful but I am yet to see
it ready and working at least from the first glance over it.

> - it solves the ssh issue
> - I like to be "complete" ;-)
> - we're anyway talking about experimental, where things can break
sure thing but since we got it there already we better have at least
that piece working fine for now (if it not too much of a burden
maintaining it)

in any case -- you are the boss and it is for you to decide ;-)

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