[Fingerforce-devel] 0.4 release soon?

Daniel Drake dsd at gentoo.org
Sun Nov 25 17:24:02 UTC 2007

Miguel Gea Milvaques wrote:
> We must be careful with fprint license. fprint upstream say it's legal
> the use he has about NBIS software that he includes into. I've sent a
> mail to debian legal [1] and I only have an answer for license, not for
> export problems in NBIS software.  Anybody know anything about export
> laws in USA?

I do :)
Have you read the document I wrote about this? It's on the fprint wiki.

> On the other hand, Radek Bartoň
> <https://alioth.debian.org/users/blackhex2-guest/> is doing a really
> good work on fvs, improving it. It's working in fingerforce alioth svn,
> so we can see the changes. If It was not possible distribute NBIS
> software, we always could use fvs to substitute it.

US export controls cover all exports. If NIST are correct in that 
fingerprint image processing code falls under the EAR, then *all* 
implementations of such code fall under the EAR, not just NIST's own 
implementation. FVS would have the exact same problem.

If you are concerned that NIST may be correct, you should not be 
shipping any fingerprint code from US servers to other countries without 
an export license, as if NIST are correct then you would be violating US 
export administration regulations.


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