[Fingerforce-devel] 0.4 release soon?

Radek Bartoň xbarto33 at stud.fit.vutbr.cz
Mon Nov 26 21:50:01 UTC 2007

Dne Monday 26 of November 2007 14:26:19 Daniel Drake napsal(a):
> Hi Radek,

Hi Daniel.

> Competition is always good in these areas and I would definitely
> consider alternatives if something comparable to NBIS is developed, so
> if you are interested I would encourage you to continue working on FVS.
> Or, if NBIS sounds interesting to you, help working on the NBIS
> internals is also much appreciated.
> Daniel

I'll finish my proposed work on FVS and then I would have to turn attention to 
other things than fingerprint verification. I could come back after few 
months. Meanwhile, I'll watch fprint progress especially NBIS legal issues. I 
don't understand that much but if that export restrictions would lead for 
example to problems using fprint library in projects like OPLC distributed to 
third-world countries, I would prefer to make FVS fast and useable enough and 
without these restrictions.

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Brno University of Technology

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