[Fingerforce-devel] BioAPI

Dererk dererk at madap.com.ar
Wed Oct 14 23:17:50 UTC 2009

Juan Fernando Jaramillo Botero escribió:
> Hello, I'm new in this list, and I see that someone is making a
> debianization of fprint. I like to know what about bioapi? It is an
> alternative? I see that the package is already made.
> Regards

There are indeed some people involved in fprint debianization, but
unfortunatelly, I've to say bioapi is not likely going to be part of
Debian, as it's not free software.
In fact, fprint is one of the most advanced pieces of software that aims
to replace bioapi in finrgerprinting area.

There is a huge list of other reasons about it, you can find some of
them in here too:



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