[Fingerforce-devel] Bug#625597: transition: libmagick4 and old depend on libmagick9-dev

Dererk dererk at debian.org
Wed May 4 13:48:20 UTC 2011

On 04/05/11 10:29, Bastien ROUCARIES wrote:
> Package: src:libfprint
> Severity: normal
> block: 625544
> Hi,
> We would like to perform the transition from  libmagickcore3, libmagick++3, libmagickwand3 to libmagickcore4, libmagick++4, 
> libmagickwand4
> This transition will requires sourcefull uploads as there is a (minimal) API change.
> Packages are in experimental.
> Please note in your case a binNMU will not work because you depend on old library  libmagick9-dev instead of libmagickcore-
> dev/libmagickwand-dev
> Thanks
> Bastien
Sounds great!

I'll try to see if I can rebuild it successfully against this new
version present at experimental. Do you have the technical specs about
what's the API consists on at hand?



BOFH excuse #371:
Incorrectly configured static routes on the corerouters.

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