[Fingerforce-devel] Bug#781508: fprintd: Please upgrade to version 0.6.0

Jim Barber jim.barber at primaryhealthcare.com.au
Tue May 5 01:03:07 UTC 2015

> From: Matteo F. Vescovi [mailto:mfvescovi at gmail.com] On Behalf Of Matteo F. Vescovi
> Actually, the support has been already added via the libfprint 0.6.0
> package in the experimental suite.
> I'm using it right now, on the same laptop, and it works just fine.

Hi Matteo.

My mistake.
I had the experimental repository in my sources, but I checked the versions of
the libpam-fprintd and fprintd packages that shows 0.5.1-1.
I failed to check the version of the libfprint0 package that has a 1:0.6.0-1

It sounds like this is all I need, and so this bug can be closed.


Jim Barber

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